Game Day just got Chic!

Hey QC! I’m back…a few may say where have you been? Well I had a serious injury to my hand and work has been CRAZY so there you go!!!

Ok! First off who lives in the Carolinas and doesn’t love football, oh you don’t then this isn’t the post for you. Stop reading! No really continue reading because I am sharing some of my top FAVS for game day.

Now as a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan, my black, gold and purple can be seen miles away but I don’t want to always look like everyone else. So, check out my top fav shops to grab some chic and perfect threads for  your fav team from high school to pros in true fashionista form.


el boutique branding

El Boutique

1222 East Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28205 (inside the Dilworth Market) 

Angel’s FavoriteSuzy D Leather and Suede Leggings

There is nothing like finding the perfect legging, and these Suzy D leggings are perfect for game day or girls night out. These leggings by far are the most comfy and complimenting, and for the ladies we need both especially on game day.

el boutique leggings.JPG

Plus they convert well from fall to winter, so during the warmer season they look adorable with a chunky bootie or casual quilted flat or as the season changes they will look stellar with some cute knee – high boots.

These Suzy D leggings come in Black, Gray and Burgundy.

Go check out my girl Suzy (yeah that’s really her name) at the Dilworth Market and try these leggings, they are the perfect blend of leather and suede.

Price: $152.00

Oh and if you use my code: “Queenin20” on their website you can save 20% off an outfit!



twisted knot branding .jpg

The Twisted Knot 

Angel’s FavoriteClassic Bow Headband  (you can get practically any team)

So I couldn’t do a game day chic post without posting something for the little ones, as you can imagine every team has game day wears for babies and kiddos alike. But who wants to put their child in a $40 team t-shirt for the to outgrow, in the next grow spurt.

twisted knot headband

This adorable headband can be custom made for the little ones from newborn up to adults.

Price: $16.00 

Seriously go grab one now for a baby showed gift, match it with some leggings and you are set for an original gift!!!





Angel’s FavoritePolicy Riggins (perfect bag to go from game to after game fun)

Ladies I know you get sick and tired of trying to figure out which purse or clutch that’s “stadium approved” and nothing worse than those team bags. Or how about you plan, have the perfect game day bag and it’s 2 centimeters too large to enter the stadium.

I’ve got you covered, the ladies at one of my favorite boutiques carry the Policy bag line and it’s exactly what you need for game day. Not only are the bags stadium approved but they are CUTE!

policy bags

The variety of bags is from clear tote bags, to textured clutches, give them a visit in their store near Southpark at Morrison or visit them online

Price: Ranges from $59.00 to $88.00




hook n chain logo


Angel’s Favorite – Tailgate Drinking Mitt

Seriously who wants wet and/or cold hands while tailgating especially as the temperature drops, I know I don’t. I have the most EPIC tailgate necessity you will ever see in your life……..The Tailgate Drinking Mitt!!!

hook n chain drink mitt

You can of course get it for any team from high school to pros, and they make the best gifts especially for that friend you can’t figure out a gift for.

Price: $25.00 

Let me know if you plan on grabbing a drinking mitt and send my invite for the tailgate!



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